OmniHOME (Home Ownership Made Easy )

Home Ownership Made Easy

Our mortgage loans are very affordable and also priced in GH to ensure that everyone is able to repay in full.


Many families struggle to fully repay their mortgage loans either because they are too expensive or because they are priced in foreign currency.

OmniBank's Home Ownership Made Easy (HOME) loan is designed to solve these challenges..

OmniHOME products include:

Home Purchase

  • A loan for the outright purchase of your own home.
  • Home Construction (Developer based)
  • Purchase of residential properties from OmniBank is preferred developers.

OmniBank would fund the construction in stages to enable the completion of your dream home.

Mortgage Schemes

Constructed homes on your own land acquired under organizational block lands schemes.

Home Improvement/Completion

Get funding for expansion works, remodeling or the renovation of your existing home.


Are you struggling to repay your existing mortgage due to currency mismatch or inappropriate structuring? OmniBank can take over and restructure it to become more appropriate and flexible for you.

Unique Features
● All loans are priced, disbursed and repaid in Ghana Cedis.
● Homes are built by special developers who understand the concept of
affordable, quality housing.
● Home prices start from as low at GHS80,000.00
● Contribute as low as 10% of mortgage value

Requirements (Mortgage Application Documentation)
• Application form
• Proof of Identity: Identity Card E.g. Passport, Driver's license, Voter ID etc.
• Offer letter from developer/vendor.
• Proof of Income: Current 3 months' pay slips.
• 6 months Bank statements (New-to-Bank customers)
• Proof of Residence, i.e. Utility Bill (standard KYC documentation)
• Undertaking by Employer to channel salaries through OmniBank where
account is domicile in OmniBank or deduct from source and make payments
directly to OmniBank for non-account holders or schemes.
• Valuation report (by OmniBank's approved valuer)
• Property title to commission search.
• Land deed of assignment.
• Bill of Quantities, Building Plan & Building Permit (Developer
Construction/Employee Group Mortgage Scheme)


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